FAQ’s about today’s factory-built homes

Where can I get more information about today’s factory-built homes?2023-05-08T19:34:00-05:00

The Manufactured and Modular Home Association of Minnesota has created a useful tool for anyone interested in more information about either manufactured homes or modular/prefabricated homes. Use the Find a Home tab on the MMHA Consumer-facing site (www.mnmanufacturedhome.com) to search for your new home from various models or by going directly to the builder’s or sales center’s websites.

How do I finance or secure a mortgage for my new factory-built home?2023-05-08T19:34:09-05:00

Today’s factory-built homes can be financed with traditional 30-year and 15-year conventional mortgages when sited as real property, offered by your local independent banker, national mortgage companies, FHA, VA, Rural Housing Administration, MN Housing Finance Agency, and of course, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac securitized loans. For manufactured homes sited on leased land or in a manufactured home community without being secured by real property, options included local independent banks, national lenders, and new financing products are being developed under the federal Duty to Serve mandate, which your local sales centers can provide you information about. For a list of options in securing financing for manufactured homes on leased land, visit the Members directory on the MMHA website.

How long will it take to build and get my new factory-built home?2023-05-08T19:34:24-05:00

From as little as a few weeks for a new home to be constructed and placed on a basement on private property. Even less time for someone purchasing a display model manufactured home at a sales center and placing it in a land-lease community.

Can I customize a manufactured home or a modular home to make it my own?2023-05-08T19:34:35-05:00

Yes! Both manufactured homes and modular homes offer spacious floor plans, vaulted ceilings, walk-in closets, fireplaces, brand-name appliances, customization packages, whirlpool tubs and upgrades. In addition, exterior designs are available that are compatible with almost any neighborhood.

What are the differences between a manufactured home and a modular/prefabricated home?2023-05-08T19:35:35-05:00

In many cases, modular/prefabricated homes and manufactured homes are built in the same factory with most of the same component products and same highly-skilled workers – the difference is in the building code. Manufactured homes are built to HUD’s federal building code, often referred to as the “HUD Code,” a performance-based building code. This code allows greater flexibility in integrating the latest in construction technologies to meet the federal requirements. The code requires manufactured homes be built on steel chassis that remains an integral part of the home. Manufactured homes are rigorously inspected throughout the construction process and must receive a HUD Label or seal of approval before leaving the factory. Modular homes are constructed to the Minnesota State Building Code, which is the International Industrial Resident Code, (IIRC). Modular homes are built on a removable frame that does not stay permanently a part of the home. Modular homes are rigorously inspected throughout the construction process and must receive a state IIBC seal of approval before leaving the factory.

How will I know what to order?2023-05-08T19:35:44-05:00

Your processional retailer is a knowledgeable resource of information about options available both in construction and interior amenities. It’s also possible to custom design floor plans, upgrade appliances or change the roof to a steeper pitch.

Do I have to order a home or can I buy one that’s already built?2023-05-08T19:35:59-05:00

Most model home sales centers have an inventory of homes for you to tour. Your licensed MMHA member retailer can explain available options.

Is a factory-built home a good investment?2023-05-08T19:36:13-05:00

Appreciation of both systems-built housing and site-built housing is affected by the same factors: the stability of the community (subdivision, neighborhood), supply and demand in the local market, type of home and location. Today’s system-built homes can appreciate in the same way as site-built homes.

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