MN Manufactured Home Political Action Committee supports legislative efforts on behalf of the MMHA membership and the factory-built housing industry. MMHA staff and members lobby and monitor local, state, and federal legislation to ensure the industry’s business interests are represented. MMHA’s offensive and defensive legislative battles begin in the campaign trenches. There is always more work to be done and we need to thank our legislative friends and encourage the support of those that don’t yet know who we are. Please support the MN Manufactured Home PAC today!

How does my contribution help?

Your contribution helps MMHA’s standing before the Minnesota Legislature by:

• Increasing AWARENESS & EDUCATION about the factory-built housing industry.

• Increasing RECOGNITION of factory-built housing initiatives and positions.

• Increasing the PROFILE of the factory-built housing industry.

• Increasing ACCESS to members of the legislature.

Not only is your financial support critical, but your time is very valuable! From time to time, you may be called on to reach out to your legislators for their help. This personal outreach effort serves the industry well.

Due to Minnesota campaign finance law, we can ONLY accept personal checks and non-corporation LLC checks. All LLC checks, please submit a signed W9 Form with the check.