Our Mission

The Voice of Factory-Built Housing.

Educate its members on innovative construction technologies and best industry practices and represent the industry in the public policy arena.


Knowing laws, new or old, is a never-ending challenge for business owners.

MMHA consistently strives to keep our membership updated on changes and offers ongoing educational opportunities to help keep your business running smoothly. Educational opportunities include our annual conference, topic specific seminars, and continuing education for various license and certification programs.

We have industry specific documents for your business.

MMHA offers model or ready-to-use documents specific to the factory-built housing industry including Notice of Compliance Forms, Dispute Resolution Forms, Notice of Lender Affiliation, Fair Housing Posters and more.

Our virtual office is always open.

The Members Only section of our website has extensive information for all areas of the factory-built housing industry. Member access to forms, news, statistics and other critical information is just a click away. The MMHA website also hosts a membership directory, and buyers guide to help buyers and renters find the right home and community.

Lobbying to make sure the voice of factory-built housing is heard.

Along with the Association President, MMHA has a professional licensed lobbyist representing the factory-built housing industry. These efforts are proactive in making sure your voice is heard. The more members, the stronger our voice!

Keeping you up to date on the factory-built housing industry.

MMHA’s monthly newsletter and E-News updates, keeps your business up to date on issues at the state and federal level, as well topics our members are most interested in. As breaking news happens, members are informed and given data essential to the industry.

Get your company noticed!

MMHA provides several opportunities to advertise your business including seminar and convention sponsorship and exhibits, in our online membership directory, newsletter and on our website. Recognition for your business is always available.

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